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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Muk Bang at Bo Shin Myeong Ga!

As you might have noticed or seen recently, a new entertaining phenomenon has taken ahold in Youtube which called Muk Bang. Muk Bang itself means "eating broadcast". It was first started in Korea when the locals there started paying attention to pretty ladies with pretty figures eating enormous portions of food. And now the sensation of Muk Bang trend has seen people everywhere turned to live streams of people eating outrageous and various amounts of food, all the while chatting with viewers. 

Well, finally we have a Muk Bang video, which is very interesting to make for me. But ot of all, the most fun and interesting story of our Muk Bang video lays on the unintentional part. Yes, we made it unintentionally. We didn't plan to make one when we decided to have our fast-breaking at Bo Shin Myeong Ga. We didn't even really understand what Muk Bang is all about that time. Thanks to the super delicious Kimchi Jeongol  (Kimchi Stew in bigger portion than Kimchi Jigae) and Honje-ori Ssambap, our excitement got boosted and without much realising it, we kept recording each other while enjoying the food. 

Thanks to the amazing owner of the restaurant, the pretty Omoni (the chef of the restaurant itself)  and the Aboji. for being so welcome and friendly to their costumers. And this Muk Bang video is dedicated to them as our gratitude and also to You, who are Mukbang and Korean food lovers. 

the whole feast

the super delicious Kimchi Jigae

the very tempting Honje-Ori Ssambap

the food lovers

the kind-hearted restaurant owners

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See you on the next Muk Bang Story, Food Lovers!

Bo Shin Myeong Ga Restaurant
Jalan Taman Margasatwa no.15, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, DKI jakarta
phone: +6221 7890220