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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Flowery Summer!

Whaaat? it's June already? that means summer is just around the corner. Have you had your summer outfits ready, girls? Well for me, apart from shorts, I've always been a huge fan of dress. The short, light-collored, either plain or patterned, are always my preference. Just like this one I got from Sussan (women's fashion retailer in Australia). Well to be honest, Sussan is not my favourite store to shop, compared to other brands and retailers in Aussie. But sometimes, if i'm lucky, I could find quite good stuffs in relatively not so expensive prices, just like this dress i'm wearing. 

What I like about the dress, apart from the deep blue and the flowery pattern, is the low triangular cut on the chest. It makes me look like Sanghai girl. Ni hao ^.^
not forgetting the shoes and the bag. The white bag comes from Forever 21, while the gorgeus black heels I bought online in Indonesia from @benzproject. 

So. how is it ladies? are you ready for the summer? 
Well, let's make it even hotter.