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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I’m a big fan of a boyfriend jean, one that’s a little relaxed, but still fitted and like you’ve borrowed a look from the guys, without actually looking like one. I love rocking it with tee, plaid shirt or even a dainty tank for a night out. No matter what you pair it with, your look will be a bit masculine, a bit undone, but very stylish. It is also really easy to style and can be dressed up with a statement jacket, heels or wedges or worn more casually with sandals and flats or sneakers like the one I am wearing now.

A crop top & ripped boyfie jeans turned out to be one my favorite summer looks in 2014. And what's your favorite, Peeps?


Thursday, November 20, 2014


YEAAAAYYYY!!! Done! I just want to express how happy I am now because I am done with everything in my master study. No more essays, group projects, presentations and of course classes. I am so glad that I managed to finish it in a year with good results (hopefully). Yeah baby... I am a Master now. Natya Shina Nandana MA (Master of Arts). However, no matter how happy I am now, I'll definitely miss all of those moments I had as a master student in Macquarie University. The more I remember about all difficulties and hardships I've been through this year, the more I become passionate to be a more successful person in my future life. I hope all the lessons and knowledge I got will lead me to the right and better path.

Anyway, to celebrate it, me and some classmates went to the beach. We chose to go to Manly because it's the closest beach from where we live. Also, I've never been to any beach other than Bondi before, and I was curious cause people said Manly is amazing. So, here it is, the famous Manly beach in Sydney.

Full team member! We asked an Australian guy to take a picture of us. He thought that we are tourists. LOL.
from left to right: Haruna (Japanese), Allen (Chinese), me (Indonesian), Daisuke (Japanese)  
After spending around two hours on the beach, we decided to move to another spot, which is the main area of manly street. We can find a lot of bars, cafes, shopping stalls, and so on. As it was really hot on that day, we were craving for something really cold and fresh and Ice cream might be the perfect choice.
Here it is. The popular Movenpick Ice Cream. You can find Movenpick booths alongside the beach as well.
 For only $5, you can taste a single scoop of heaven. *shooophh
It's mine, the Panna-Cotta flavor. Tastes like cheese cake but not too sweet. It was perfect! 
Found a beautiful church on the left side of the street. 
look how contrast those white seagulfs on the blue sky as the background
Never forgot to take a selfie :D
It's picnic time. We brought lot of foods and drinks. One of our friends, Daisy is having her birthday. Her boyfriend surrprised her with a very cute Hello Kitty cake.
Very cute isn't it?!?! it's a cheese cake btw and tastes super yumm
Happy Birthday Daisy Xu! Thanks for being such a cute and good friend :)
It was wonderful! nice place, good weather, great friends. What could I get more? 
Bye, Manly... Thanks for being memorable!
See you with my another interesting experience here in Australia! Have a nice day :D