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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Going Casual with Tartan!

"Tartan is a versatile pattern that will work with any style. Whether you're teaming a leather,  jeans, or a plain cotton pants like what I am wearing?"
tartan shirt: @rillyfashionshop | shoes @alivelovearts

Btw, Hello guys! I am back in the fourth week of my final semester as a student at Macquarie university (wohooooo). Can't wait till November where finally I'll be honoured a new title as a "MA" Master of Arts" after graduating from my undergrad study as a "BsC" Bachelor of Political Sciences in 2011. I really hope that I can graduate with good results so that I can get scholarship for my further studies (phD) and be a lecturer here in Australia and in few years later I can be a Professor. Yeah! a very cool Professor who has a fashion blog, youtube channel and someday her own coffee shop and clothing line!  A for AMIN! 

I would like to apologise to girls who like to read my blog for not being able to post regularly like what I used to do. Not even once in two weeks I guess. Those assignments are keep coming to my life. They're not only threatening my hobbies, but also my sleep. At a moment like this, I do feel like a day should be 48 hours, instead of 24. 

Now let's talk about the outfit. This is one of my stylish casual looks. I would wear an outfit like this to meet up with friends or going to the mall or dating? I guess anything will do with Tartan. Btw, do you know what tartan is? why is it so popular recently?

Although tartan never really goes out of style, it has increasingly been popular these past couple of years with females and males spotted wearing them in various colours and ways. Now that winter has arrived, tartan is definitely back as it is one of the season’s definitive prints. Wait? winter? yes! if some of you might have not known that the definition of the term 'tartan' itself means "A fabric  normally woven of wool that consists of stripes of varying width and color. So, basically, tartan is made from wool and it's thick. That's why people like to wear them in winter. But don't worry, now they are made in many other materials. So for those who live in topical weather, you can find the one that is made from cotton, just like mine. 

Previously, the unique pattern of tartan that appears to be squares crossed was very popular in Scottish Highland culture. Not only the Scottish government, but also schools and organisations wear such design and manufacture. But today it belongs to everyone and it's available worldwide and becoming one of 'must have' items in your closet. The reason why it is so popular because it is so versatile. It can be dressed up for casual or more sophisticated purpose. not only shirt, tartan skirt, dress, blazer or pants would be interesting as well. 

Among many pretty colours available for tartan shirt, I was torn between read and green. But in the end I chose the green one as red is too mainstream.haha. 

Well, honestly I have so many things i would love to share, but I'm running out time as I need to read few book chapters for Monday's lectures. I will see you in another exciting post soon (I wish), and for those who haven't watch my latest cover on youtube, here is my Sistar- Touch my body cover. I hope you like it. Have a nice weekend peeps. :D