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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More than just bright colours!

In the previous posts, I often brought up informal, playful and swag style as my OOTD concept, but today let's go a little bit more formal. Have you seen me wearing a blazer before? No? well, let's try it on then.

 As some of you might already knew that I love bright colours. No matter what the occasion is, I always prefer bright colours than dark colours, especially turquoise, yellow, white, pink. Some of my friends said that those who like bright colours are attention seeker. They like to gain people's attention by wearing eye catchy colors. Well, that might be true. But not for me. I don't really know, why, perhaps it's just my superstitious believe that bright colours will brighten up my mood and my days ridiculous isn't it? well, that's why it is called superstition. If you believe something that is already proved scientifically, that would be 'science' then. 

When I saw photos above, I think the color my blazer is more than just bright. It could be categorised as neon, as the color really strikes your eyes. haha. I know the 'neon era' is almost over, but I don't think I can stop liking it. Btw, Happy fasting people :). See you in the next post!