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Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Stripy Life!

Haaiiiiii everyone!!!!!! *Shouting from distance! How long has it been since my latest post? months, right? I've never imagined my master life in Sydney could be this exhausting! Especially in the last 2 months. I barely had space to do anything, except studying and making essays and presentations and studying again, and reading journals, and making report! EVERYTHING related to my courses. If you ask me, how do you feel after all? "tired, exhausted, and sometimes bored". is it though? "absolutely!" Do you wanna quit? "Are you crazy??!" then you have to enjoy it then! "yes, I'm trying to.

Having a master degree is something  I really wanted to do ever since I graduated and got my bachelor degree. Being best student is my goal. Continuing Phd and being a lecturer in one of universities in Australia is my vision. So, no matter how hard it takes, I don't wanna quit, I'll keep trying to give my best, even though it means that I necessesarily have to put aside things I love for a while, like blogging, dancing, and so on. But well, since those are things I really love, I couldn't separate them from myself. Whenever I have time, I promise myself to keep entertaining the other half of me, unless it will be dying! So here I am now, in the middle of my semester break, writing on my blog again, and saying hello to everyone who've even waiting for a new post. *I'm sure you can imagine how happy i am now. haha.

So.. Here is my new outfit post

 I am not sure what to call it, but the stripe pants is really depicting the story of my life. The white stripes reflects the happiness in my life, when I can do things that make me happy like spending time with my family, hanging out with best friends, dancing, blogging, shopping, and the black stripes reflects the sorrow, pain and difficulties that I have to get through in this life. But you know.. the 'black' doesn't always mean bad. It is there to compliment the "white". Because without it, you can really know what happiness really means. And see, together, they make a good combination. for me, this stripy pants has more interesting look if it's compared to other one coloured pants. 

See you in another post peeps. Enjoy your stripy life, people :D