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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pastel Jelly!

Hello again from Sydney and I hope everyone is doing great because actually I'm not in a really good mood now. Couple days ago, I was still able to feel the heat of summer here. But unexpectedly in the last three days, the weather changed so dramatically. No more sun shines, no more heat hydrates us and no more mini skirt.*sigh. There are only rain and cold. Just like my heart.. so empty and cold. *eh? 
 I just don't like sudden change for whatever it is. At least give me some time to anticipate. *I am sorry if it sounds complaining.

By the way, here is my outfit of the day. The photo was taken when I was still in Indonesia. So, it's a late post literally. 

Happy weekend peeps. I hope you have a really good times with your loved ones. And for those who are away from home, just like me, don't be sad. Let's make our days fun in any way we can :). 

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