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Sunday, March 9, 2014

a Lonely but happy birthday!

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!

It's been a week since my birthday on March 3rd. This time, I didn't anticipate my birthday just like I used to in years before. Why? Because i was all alone here in Sydney. No families, relatives, best friends, and boyfriend. What could I expect then? haha. well, I expected nothing, but a happy me.

So, in order to not get drown in sadness, I cheered my self up by deciding to travel around city on my birthday. I was so lucky that I got to know an Indonesian friend who lives next door. Her name is Annisa, she is on her last semester now in Macquarie. I was so happy as she wanted to accompany me to the city and take me to some good places there. Uh yeah!

In the morning I had to go to campus first, because I really need to find the Indonesian Students Association (PPIA) to find Indonesian students who study in Macquarie University just like me. I was  so surprised by the crowd. So many people were there in the courtyard. Then I realised, the O-week has started. O-week is an exhibition and introduction of all organisations and student groups in the uni. They have many attractions and free gifts to attract students to join them. I was quite confused at first, but finally I chose to join Dance Academy and PPIA Macquire.

After spending a couple of hours observing all those booths and grabbing some free stuffs, I met Annisa up in front of the library and then heading straightly to the city by bus.

As soon as we got there, the first this we did was finding a restaurant to feed our hungry tummy. Annisa introduced me one of the best Japanese restaurant in town, MAPPEN! I was having a big portion of chilly pork udon for $8 and it was the most delicious udon I've ever tasted in my life. So, whenever you come to Sydnet, please drop by to Mappen and try their udon :D.
Now, it's time to walk around the city!

Enjoying the fresh air of Darling Harbour..

Many cafes and cake shops on the sides of the streets. Why are they so tempting? 

Next culinary visit was the Chanoma Cafe, the matcha master. They're famous for making foods, drinks and desserts from green tea. After walking around for like two hours, I really needed this to fresh my self up. So, I tried this (forgot the name), but it was one of the best seller desserts there. 

Last culinary on that day: OPORTO It was late already, and I thought I should have dinner before going back home. And there was one thing on my mind that time: BURGER! I don't know why but I really wanted to eat one. Instead of having Mcd and Jack Daniels, I was told to try the Australian version, OPORTO. The fish-grilled burger was so good. 

As soon As I got  home, I checked my phone, and got so many notifications on FB, twitter, line, whatsapp and suddenly got my eyes teary because of some of those messages;


Nothing feels better than knowing that you are loved, right? These people have made me strong and stronger by the day. They're my motivation to push my self to the limit, to get what I want, to be what I wanna be. Having them all is the best gift I've had from God.  

After all, It might be the loneliest birthday ever as I am so far away from home now, but I was feeling happy. And that's all that matters :). 

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