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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Me and My Dance!

Aside from Blogging, do you know what I do to keep me alive? Dancing!
 I've been dancing since I was a little kid. 21 years ago, when  I was still 3 years ago, my mom hired a private balinese tutor to teach me balinese dance. I learned balinese dance very properly until then I was contaminated by American boy band viruses. haha. I danced to backstreet boys and Nsync's songs a lot and performed in many school's occasion. Few years later, I was no longer into them, cause the era has quickly changed. I was living in RnB and Hip Hop era. My dancing skills pretty much has been developed by the hip hop and Rnb songs. I was inspired by Hollywood singers like Britney spears, Beyonce, jLo who are amazing dancers as well. I still love them even though I fell in love with Kpop Music and dance these days. Well.. No matter what I do, how busy I am, how old I'll be, I will never stop dancing. Cause simply I can't live without doing it. how bout you? what things you can live without? 

And, this is my latest dance video, covering 4minute newest song - Watcha doin' today? Have you seen it? please do check it out and comment it :D. well, I hope you like it ^^

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