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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hippie Happy ♥

Happy Sunday again girls! Due to the load of assignments and readings material I need to do within a week, I almost lost my time for blogging.Well, blogging indeed takes time. Not the writing part of course, but you need to mix and match some outfits first, and then take some pictures of it. Before that, you might need to think about the perfect location that will match your dress as well. After doing photo-shoot for couple of hours, you need to start working on your laptop to choose, edit, and finalise the selected photos before they get published. HAHA, quite a work, doesn't it? But since it's something that I really love to do aside from dancing, It doesn't matter for me. Cause you'll never get tired doing something comes from the heart, or will you? ^^

           Anyway, last Wednesday (12/02/14), I was invited to join the welcoming lunch along with other Scholarship recipients from Indonesia. This event was intentionally held by Macquire University International Office to celebrate Indonesian students achievement in Australia. They even served us Indonesian traditional food for our lunch menu. Very nice of them. I was in overload joy to see Nasi kuning (tumpeng), tempe bacem, mie goreng, sate ayam + saos kacang and kerupuk. Feels like home! I ate like a lot. :D haha. Not only the undergrad, post grad and phd students, Indonesian consulate general representative were also there, along with the head and vice chancellor of Macquire International office. That day, I was able to talk and introduce my self to them. They seemed happy knowing that I come from Bali as when they heard my name was being called out, they responded "woww, you're from Bali" "yesss", but in my head I was like, whyyy? hahaha. Well I know what that meant finally. Some of them are Balinese as well. The marketing Manager, Natalie is half balines and half canadian. The vice chancelor, is pure Balinese and he's been living in Australia for 15 years. One of phd candidates, Bli agus is without a doubt, a pure balinese. Wow! so many balinese. I feel so lucky to be born as Balinese with given name 'Putu Ayu' as my first name, so people will notice without being told. haha.
 I was just so thankful for that day cause I was able to meet and talk with those great people who are already successful in pursuing their career and study here in Australia. Many of them are Indonesian and some of them are even Balinese. I got motivated and inspired and. For me it's like a wake-up call. If they can, why can't I?

             Wow.. I talked too much. Guess I'm over excited to share what I've been trough to you all. Here is my outfit post! *finally. :D

I have no idea what is the theme of my outfit now, because it's still summer and I've been dying to wear a dress. So I pick out dress that matches well with my hat (cotton on), and bag and shoes (ZARA). Do you notice that mint green thing over there? yes, i'm in love with that mint matte colour of my macbook case from @macstuff_us (Instagram account). They have many beautiful colours of hard case for macbook and you might wanna check them out if you're interested.

See you next week peeps! stay healthy and happy    
Love, Natya

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