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Monday, March 10, 2014

A letter to my Unnie!

Sydney, 10 March 2014
To: Ajeng Saraswati Putri

Hai Unyu!
By the time you’re reading this, I am still mad at you and honestly I don’t want to write this message to you. But since you’re my unnie, I can’t do that. Especially today is your birthday. For whatever reasons, there is no justification for not talking to you, even though yesterday i was totally pissed off! 

Do you know.. there are so many things I want to talk to you about, so many stories I want to share, because I feel like missing out your presence as my unnie lately. I know you’ve been very busy working and I don’t want to bother you either. But I’ve been waiting since weeks ago to be on Skype with you. I was so excited that finally we’re gonna be able to catch up with everything again, instead of just saying hi and doing very short conversations via whatsapp or other text messaging. These days here in Sydney, things are getting quite hectic because everything’s running very quickly and I am a little bit stressed out because I feel like always running out of time towards everything. 24/7 is literally not enough. In this condition, I need someone to talk to. To give insights of what I should and should not do. To convince me that I’m gonna be okay. And that only person is you. This is the reason why yesterday I can’t tolerate myself to not get angry. Because again, it was out of my expectation. I still remember our Skype moments when I was in Germany, and I was expecting that kind of quality talk. 

But anyway, I will stop complaining since it’s not about yesterday, nor about me anymore. It’s all about your lovely born day. hehe. Well. As your unnie, I’m really sorry for not being able to always be there for you, just like you were always be there for me. I’m sorry for not being able to buy you stuffs like you always did to me every time I craved for something desperately. So who’s actually the older sister here? haha. Happy birthday Un! I just wish you will stay the same as you were in terms of personality and behaviour. Cause that’s what makes you my unnie. Keep being the caring, trustworthy, loyal, loveable Ajeng I know. But in terms of career, I hope you can make a big change just like what you’ve been dreaming of. I know you’re very ambitions person inside and you have set up goals in your career life, which is incredibly good, I’ll always support you for that. I really love to see how you’ve changed from just the ordinary girl into extraordinary woman who has a big dream. But still, no matter what, you need to loosen up a little bit, give your self a break, don’t be too stressful, and find your self someone to lean on. I just don’t wanna see you turning 40 few years later and still virgin. *AMIT2! 

Well, I think that’s all I can say for now. Once again, Happy 24th birthday unyu!! Wishing all your dreams, visions, missions, targets, whatever they are, come true real soon. And please, please, please be happier, healthier and prettier!!! Plase take a good care of yourself, cause I’m way toooooo far now to be able take care of you! 

(this was taken in April 2012, time flies...) 

PS: Ich vermisse dich, meine unyu! always love you no matter how fat, ugly and selfish you are. hahahahaha. ♥ Have a blissful birthday!!! 

kissshhhhh :*:*:* 
you’re prettiest and multi-talented unnie
- Natya Shina Nandana


  1. Unnie... aku nggak bisa berkata-kata baca ucapan kamu... Aku bener-bener minta maaf ya, aku sama sekali nggak tau kalau kamu ngajak skype karena lagi butuh temen cerita, dan maksud aku waktu itu skypean bareng-bareng adalah biar kamu seneng bisa liat muka temen-temen yang lain, yang nggak sempet ketemu sama kamu sebelum kamu pergi ke Aussie. Maaf ya unnie... Maaf aku nggak ngertiin kamu... Dan aku nangis lho pas kamu ternyata nulis ini di blog kamu. Aku udah pasrah sebenernya kalau kamu nggak akan ngucapin selamat ulang tahun ke aku, karena aku kemarennya bikin salah ke kamu. Makasih banyak ya unnie ucapannya walaupun kamu lagi marah sama aku.

    Makasih banyak ya ucapannya, Un... I feel so special kamu sampe nulisin ini di blog kamu. Makasih buat semua doanya buat aku. You really know what I need... You don't need to say sorry for anything, un... I feel so thankful already by having you as my closest person... I am the one who must say sorry because I am too busy taking care of my career that I started to give less care to you even after your departure to Australia. I am really sorry for letting you down (again), Un... Let me add one more wish for this year: "I wish that I will be more mature than ever! So I will never let you down again! And I will wisely manage my tasks without leaving my friend behind!" Thanks for the 'slap on my face', un...
    Thanks ya, Un... Thanks for this sweet birthday letter, thanks for always remind me to be a better person, thanks for being such a very patient unnie and still taking care of me no matter how annoying I am, thanks for always be a part of my life since six years ago up until now, and thanks for being my one and only unnie in this big big wirld!!!!!!! I can't imagine my life without you, Un... I love you to the moon and back, and to the moon again, and back again to earth, and beyond all of those galaxies in this world!!!!

    PS. I love you so much and I miss you that bad so I can't stop crying while writing this in comment box. Take care there, unyuuu... Please, please, please show people how smart and talented you are. Please keep shining and be on top as you always be. I'm waiting for any good news from you. ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!