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Friday, March 28, 2014

Funky nerdy!

Have you ever coloured your hair with bright shocking colours? Like purple, pink, turquoise, green? or just like what snsd did with their hair in I gotta Boy MV? Well, finally I knew how it feels like, even though it wasn't last more than a day. hahaha.

Truthfully, i was dying to have that splash of bright colour on my hair. But bleaching it might not have been a good idea. My hair has had enough. It's been coloured so many times, curled, ironed, and I don't want to make it look worse by bleaching it. So, I was thinking of having a temporary coloured hair and nothing I can found better than manic panic in terms of electric colours. 

So, here is the look of the week featuring a little bit of purple ombre hair ^^

So.. what do you think of the look? do you like my purple hair? I would love to have turquoise in a another chance. Well, let's me finish my master study first and I'll do some experiment for the look as a reward. sounds good. haha. Have a nice weekend, everyone. May God always bless you and your family ^^.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Me and My Dance!

Aside from Blogging, do you know what I do to keep me alive? Dancing!
 I've been dancing since I was a little kid. 21 years ago, when  I was still 3 years ago, my mom hired a private balinese tutor to teach me balinese dance. I learned balinese dance very properly until then I was contaminated by American boy band viruses. haha. I danced to backstreet boys and Nsync's songs a lot and performed in many school's occasion. Few years later, I was no longer into them, cause the era has quickly changed. I was living in RnB and Hip Hop era. My dancing skills pretty much has been developed by the hip hop and Rnb songs. I was inspired by Hollywood singers like Britney spears, Beyonce, jLo who are amazing dancers as well. I still love them even though I fell in love with Kpop Music and dance these days. Well.. No matter what I do, how busy I am, how old I'll be, I will never stop dancing. Cause simply I can't live without doing it. how bout you? what things you can live without? 

And, this is my latest dance video, covering 4minute newest song - Watcha doin' today? Have you seen it? please do check it out and comment it :D. well, I hope you like it ^^

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hippie Happy ♥

Happy Sunday again girls! Due to the load of assignments and readings material I need to do within a week, I almost lost my time for blogging.Well, blogging indeed takes time. Not the writing part of course, but you need to mix and match some outfits first, and then take some pictures of it. Before that, you might need to think about the perfect location that will match your dress as well. After doing photo-shoot for couple of hours, you need to start working on your laptop to choose, edit, and finalise the selected photos before they get published. HAHA, quite a work, doesn't it? But since it's something that I really love to do aside from dancing, It doesn't matter for me. Cause you'll never get tired doing something comes from the heart, or will you? ^^

           Anyway, last Wednesday (12/02/14), I was invited to join the welcoming lunch along with other Scholarship recipients from Indonesia. This event was intentionally held by Macquire University International Office to celebrate Indonesian students achievement in Australia. They even served us Indonesian traditional food for our lunch menu. Very nice of them. I was in overload joy to see Nasi kuning (tumpeng), tempe bacem, mie goreng, sate ayam + saos kacang and kerupuk. Feels like home! I ate like a lot. :D haha. Not only the undergrad, post grad and phd students, Indonesian consulate general representative were also there, along with the head and vice chancellor of Macquire International office. That day, I was able to talk and introduce my self to them. They seemed happy knowing that I come from Bali as when they heard my name was being called out, they responded "woww, you're from Bali" "yesss", but in my head I was like, whyyy? hahaha. Well I know what that meant finally. Some of them are Balinese as well. The marketing Manager, Natalie is half balines and half canadian. The vice chancelor, is pure Balinese and he's been living in Australia for 15 years. One of phd candidates, Bli agus is without a doubt, a pure balinese. Wow! so many balinese. I feel so lucky to be born as Balinese with given name 'Putu Ayu' as my first name, so people will notice without being told. haha.
 I was just so thankful for that day cause I was able to meet and talk with those great people who are already successful in pursuing their career and study here in Australia. Many of them are Indonesian and some of them are even Balinese. I got motivated and inspired and. For me it's like a wake-up call. If they can, why can't I?

             Wow.. I talked too much. Guess I'm over excited to share what I've been trough to you all. Here is my outfit post! *finally. :D

I have no idea what is the theme of my outfit now, because it's still summer and I've been dying to wear a dress. So I pick out dress that matches well with my hat (cotton on), and bag and shoes (ZARA). Do you notice that mint green thing over there? yes, i'm in love with that mint matte colour of my macbook case from @macstuff_us (Instagram account). They have many beautiful colours of hard case for macbook and you might wanna check them out if you're interested.

See you next week peeps! stay healthy and happy    
Love, Natya

Monday, March 10, 2014

A letter to my Unnie!

Sydney, 10 March 2014
To: Ajeng Saraswati Putri

Hai Unyu!
By the time you’re reading this, I am still mad at you and honestly I don’t want to write this message to you. But since you’re my unnie, I can’t do that. Especially today is your birthday. For whatever reasons, there is no justification for not talking to you, even though yesterday i was totally pissed off! 

Do you know.. there are so many things I want to talk to you about, so many stories I want to share, because I feel like missing out your presence as my unnie lately. I know you’ve been very busy working and I don’t want to bother you either. But I’ve been waiting since weeks ago to be on Skype with you. I was so excited that finally we’re gonna be able to catch up with everything again, instead of just saying hi and doing very short conversations via whatsapp or other text messaging. These days here in Sydney, things are getting quite hectic because everything’s running very quickly and I am a little bit stressed out because I feel like always running out of time towards everything. 24/7 is literally not enough. In this condition, I need someone to talk to. To give insights of what I should and should not do. To convince me that I’m gonna be okay. And that only person is you. This is the reason why yesterday I can’t tolerate myself to not get angry. Because again, it was out of my expectation. I still remember our Skype moments when I was in Germany, and I was expecting that kind of quality talk. 

But anyway, I will stop complaining since it’s not about yesterday, nor about me anymore. It’s all about your lovely born day. hehe. Well. As your unnie, I’m really sorry for not being able to always be there for you, just like you were always be there for me. I’m sorry for not being able to buy you stuffs like you always did to me every time I craved for something desperately. So who’s actually the older sister here? haha. Happy birthday Un! I just wish you will stay the same as you were in terms of personality and behaviour. Cause that’s what makes you my unnie. Keep being the caring, trustworthy, loyal, loveable Ajeng I know. But in terms of career, I hope you can make a big change just like what you’ve been dreaming of. I know you’re very ambitions person inside and you have set up goals in your career life, which is incredibly good, I’ll always support you for that. I really love to see how you’ve changed from just the ordinary girl into extraordinary woman who has a big dream. But still, no matter what, you need to loosen up a little bit, give your self a break, don’t be too stressful, and find your self someone to lean on. I just don’t wanna see you turning 40 few years later and still virgin. *AMIT2! 

Well, I think that’s all I can say for now. Once again, Happy 24th birthday unyu!! Wishing all your dreams, visions, missions, targets, whatever they are, come true real soon. And please, please, please be happier, healthier and prettier!!! Plase take a good care of yourself, cause I’m way toooooo far now to be able take care of you! 

(this was taken in April 2012, time flies...) 

PS: Ich vermisse dich, meine unyu! always love you no matter how fat, ugly and selfish you are. hahahahaha. ♥ Have a blissful birthday!!! 

kissshhhhh :*:*:* 
you’re prettiest and multi-talented unnie
- Natya Shina Nandana

Sunday, March 9, 2014

a Lonely but happy birthday!

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!

It's been a week since my birthday on March 3rd. This time, I didn't anticipate my birthday just like I used to in years before. Why? Because i was all alone here in Sydney. No families, relatives, best friends, and boyfriend. What could I expect then? haha. well, I expected nothing, but a happy me.

So, in order to not get drown in sadness, I cheered my self up by deciding to travel around city on my birthday. I was so lucky that I got to know an Indonesian friend who lives next door. Her name is Annisa, she is on her last semester now in Macquarie. I was so happy as she wanted to accompany me to the city and take me to some good places there. Uh yeah!

In the morning I had to go to campus first, because I really need to find the Indonesian Students Association (PPIA) to find Indonesian students who study in Macquarie University just like me. I was  so surprised by the crowd. So many people were there in the courtyard. Then I realised, the O-week has started. O-week is an exhibition and introduction of all organisations and student groups in the uni. They have many attractions and free gifts to attract students to join them. I was quite confused at first, but finally I chose to join Dance Academy and PPIA Macquire.

After spending a couple of hours observing all those booths and grabbing some free stuffs, I met Annisa up in front of the library and then heading straightly to the city by bus.

As soon as we got there, the first this we did was finding a restaurant to feed our hungry tummy. Annisa introduced me one of the best Japanese restaurant in town, MAPPEN! I was having a big portion of chilly pork udon for $8 and it was the most delicious udon I've ever tasted in my life. So, whenever you come to Sydnet, please drop by to Mappen and try their udon :D.
Now, it's time to walk around the city!

Enjoying the fresh air of Darling Harbour..

Many cafes and cake shops on the sides of the streets. Why are they so tempting? 

Next culinary visit was the Chanoma Cafe, the matcha master. They're famous for making foods, drinks and desserts from green tea. After walking around for like two hours, I really needed this to fresh my self up. So, I tried this (forgot the name), but it was one of the best seller desserts there. 

Last culinary on that day: OPORTO It was late already, and I thought I should have dinner before going back home. And there was one thing on my mind that time: BURGER! I don't know why but I really wanted to eat one. Instead of having Mcd and Jack Daniels, I was told to try the Australian version, OPORTO. The fish-grilled burger was so good. 

As soon As I got  home, I checked my phone, and got so many notifications on FB, twitter, line, whatsapp and suddenly got my eyes teary because of some of those messages;


Nothing feels better than knowing that you are loved, right? These people have made me strong and stronger by the day. They're my motivation to push my self to the limit, to get what I want, to be what I wanna be. Having them all is the best gift I've had from God.  

After all, It might be the loneliest birthday ever as I am so far away from home now, but I was feeling happy. And that's all that matters :). 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pastel Jelly!

Hello again from Sydney and I hope everyone is doing great because actually I'm not in a really good mood now. Couple days ago, I was still able to feel the heat of summer here. But unexpectedly in the last three days, the weather changed so dramatically. No more sun shines, no more heat hydrates us and no more mini skirt.*sigh. There are only rain and cold. Just like my heart.. so empty and cold. *eh? 
 I just don't like sudden change for whatever it is. At least give me some time to anticipate. *I am sorry if it sounds complaining.

By the way, here is my outfit of the day. The photo was taken when I was still in Indonesia. So, it's a late post literally. 

Happy weekend peeps. I hope you have a really good times with your loved ones. And for those who are away from home, just like me, don't be sad. Let's make our days fun in any way we can :).