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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello Sydney!!! Please be nice to me ~ ♡

As I've ever mentioned before that in the very short time I'd be going to study abroad. And here I am now.. in one of world's most expensive city, pursuing my master study at Macquire University, North Ryde, Sidney, Australia. It was a little bit out of my expectation actually, I've been dreaming since long time ago to study in Germany or UK. But since Australia offers more opportunities and chances to have successful career, I decided to make it my first choice. You know, somehow things do not always work out the way we want them to be. And sometimes we have to let go what we have planned to be able to let in the better ones. Wisely said :).

Today is my third day here in Sydney, but I still can't believe on how everything is so goddamn expensive? I lived in Europe before and I was shocked by its high currency value. But here is worse. I was triple shocked!! It just doesn't make any sense for me. I really need to find a part time Job soon!

Well, Aside from that, there are lot of things I like here; the weather, the clear blue sky, big empty road, lovely neighbourhood and beautiful views. What a life!  

These are pictures of Heering Road. I always pass this street every time I walk to the university.

This is the neighbourhood where I live in now..

And last but not least my university. If you're curious to see what Macquire University looks like, Here are some pictures of it. But since it's too big and I could easily get lost, I wasn't able to capture all parts of it. 
(front building)
international office building
(food court is in here)

(Asian food only)

(The library)

Well.. I hope those  pictures can show you a  glimpse of my new life in Sydney.    Wait for more  interesting pictures and stories from me.    ^^

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