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Monday, February 3, 2014

L❤ve is Yellow!

oversized shirt: mom's closet | glossy legging: bugis street, singapore | black pump heels: Charles&Keith
 | yellow purse: boyfie | necklace: Tanah Abang, Jakarta
GONG XI FAT CHOI!! Happy Chinese New year of the horse, peeps! 
 Xīn Nián Kuài Lè
"May the spirit of the horse give us good fortune, peace and happiness and prosperity throughout the year" ^^ 

As a Chinese descendant,  Chinese New Year is a very special event. In that once in a year moment, we gather with our whole big family member, celebrating the occasion together by watching barongsai, having lunch and dinner together. But the most touching act is when we're hugging each other while praying for each other's good. Priceless. Somehow I just can't help my eyes from tearing a little bit because of the excessive joy. I wish I could always be able to spend IMLEK together with my family in my hometown. No matter how far we go, there are always thousand ways and reasons to comeback home, right? 

For today's outfit post, I'm wearing bright colors items. I'm sure your eyes are caught by that little yellow heart shaped purse. It's very cute, isn't it? Thanks to the guy that I am deeply in love with, now and always, for this lovely gift. 
I gave "Love is yellow" as the tittle of this post because for me Love is supposed to be as happy, as bright and as glowing as the color of yellow. Don't you think so? So, do think twice of a love that puts you more in blues rather than in yellow circumstance. Thanks for reading and see ya soon, peeps ♡

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