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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hotter than A Summer!

floral bustier: @summercollecttion (IG account) | skirt: Orchard, SG | clutch: Strawberry Shop | shoes: @rchsop (IG account) | sunnies: @proughproftshop (IG account)

ALOHA! ^^ It's not quite Aloha weekend yet…but I've been dying to feature this perfect combination for a summer style and couldn't wait till the weekend.  Besides, it's the perfect, vibrantly-colored, playful outfit to catch some extra credit attention. ;)

Summer is the perfect time for wearing sexier outfit than what we used to wear daily. Talking about sexy and classy, bustier is one of the hottest summer items you must have in your closet. Pairing it up with hot pants has always been a good choice and perhaps be the most appearing styles you've seen in 2013. But, since it's 2014, I wanna try on something different. This yellow asymmetrical skirt is really "something". I wonder when I found that skirt in Orchard Street, Singapore, I was thinking 10 times just to buy it. But, lucky I did. I know how fabulously it works. I love how it shapes your my body well, and makes my legs a bit longer. Thanks to that *Grind

Anyway, I titled this post after my current favorite song "Hotter than A summer" performed by Wa$$up. Have you ever heard about them? I doubt it even though you are a K-Pop lover. Yes, they are another rookie girl-band from Korea. Unlike other girl-bands who were showing off their cuteness during their debut, Wa$$up has been promoted as hip-hop girls with strong swagy and ghetto looks. This is why they're outstanding for me, besides their sexy energetic songs. Here is the the preview of their single. If you like it,  you can listen to or download their single, here

 I hope you like the song as much as I do and I hope this  song can be a good companion to you during your hard work this week. See ya    

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