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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Date Outfit: What to Wear on first date? ♡

Still remember your first date with someone? how was it? was it ended well? or bad? I think and some of you might agree as well that there are several factors to make a first date successful; the place (where to go), the talks (what(what to talk about and what not to talk about and of course, the outfit (what do I have to wear). 
"outfit? how come? then he doesn't love me for the way I am?" 
Well, don't be shallow girls ;)! It may seem shallow indeed, but how you dress on a first date is actually pretty important. The reality is, if your date isn't into the way you look, you might not get the chance to get beyond initial attractions to show how truly great and loveable you are. So, make sure you present yourself in the best light, so that he can see you shine :).
I am not the expert of first dating, but this kind of outfit is the best one I could imagine if I am going on date with someone for the first time. I always in love with a cute concept. You know that right? But, if you're still don't have the confidence on how to dress up, perhaps because you haven't been on a date before,  here are some tips for you; ^^

Tip #1 
The most important tip I can offer women is to wear a dress or skirt on a firs-date. For many of us, it's become almost awkward to put these on for an everyday occasion because we might feel like we're "too dressed up."  But through a man's eyes, a dress or skirt shows off our sexy and feminine side. Don't believe me? Try wearing a dress the next time you go out at night. You will notice a big difference in the reactions you get from men. 
Tip #2
Wear a pair of heels (at least 5cm). Heels flatter your lower half and it's something your date will definitely notice. Make sure to find a pair that are comfortable to walk in, preferably with an open toe and a slight platform for the perfect effect.
Tip #3
Choose color! Do not wear all black! Pastels will do a lot for your feminine look. Turquoise, pink, lilac and coral seem to be particular favourites for many men, but choose a color that looks best with your complexion.
Tip #4
Men could care less about labels. In fact, if you're dripping head to toe in Prada or Gucci, it's likely to even be a turn-off. Your body is not a hanger to display high fashion, and the only clothes you should be concerned with wearing are the ones that show off your best features.
Tip #5 
Revealing clothing is also a bad idea on a first date. Avoid anything too low cut, such as; extreme mini skirts, and tight short pants and things like that. You want to make a good impression, and if your outfit's too revealing, it's going to send out the wrong messages. Instead, show more your personality :).

While it's not an exact science, there are some ways you can dress to impress on a first date. Because however, It does count! Remember, the first leads to the rest ;). 

Love, Natya 

| love sweater: @violetteclothing (IG account) | black zipper skirt: H&M | shoes: adorable project |
| pastel bag: Korea |

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