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Friday, January 31, 2014

Go Girl!

 Why blogging has been so slow this week? I almost had no time to make any post on this blog, because I've been so busy preparing for my master study which will be started less than in month. The visa requirement is kinda complicated. Not only I need to make all the documents regarding my study and work ready, but also other administrative documents belong to my parents, like their saving book, business official letter, family card, sponsor letter and many more. It's not my first time going abroad for academic activities. I did my fellowship, MUN, and youth summit in other countries as well. But, since this time I'll be going for my own study, not representing any parties, not on behalf of university or country, I have to take care of it  by myself. And Thank God, I’m starting to get over the hump of preparations, though, and so I hope everything is going well and no more revisions for any of those documents.

 Anyway, here is my latest outfit post. I hope you all like it :)
        over-sized shirt: urbanzag | black jumpsut: H&M | Boy&Girl Snapback: Gangnam, Korea 
| Shoes: Payless

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