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Friday, January 31, 2014

Go Girl!

 Why blogging has been so slow this week? I almost had no time to make any post on this blog, because I've been so busy preparing for my master study which will be started less than in month. The visa requirement is kinda complicated. Not only I need to make all the documents regarding my study and work ready, but also other administrative documents belong to my parents, like their saving book, business official letter, family card, sponsor letter and many more. It's not my first time going abroad for academic activities. I did my fellowship, MUN, and youth summit in other countries as well. But, since this time I'll be going for my own study, not representing any parties, not on behalf of university or country, I have to take care of it  by myself. And Thank God, I’m starting to get over the hump of preparations, though, and so I hope everything is going well and no more revisions for any of those documents.

 Anyway, here is my latest outfit post. I hope you all like it :)
        over-sized shirt: urbanzag | black jumpsut: H&M | Boy&Girl Snapback: Gangnam, Korea 
| Shoes: Payless

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Black, White and Little Gold

Plain white Tshirt:H&M | Black Mini Skort: ZARA | Michael Kors Black Bag: @goldenroses (IG account) |
Necklace: @pastelsdaily (IG account) | Strappy Heels: @rchshop (IG account)
Hey Ladies, do you know what is the most phenomenon fashion item we've had since 2013? what is the thing that has weird looking sharp architectural solid color mini little thang, with side pockets for extra coolness and front fabric corners? For those who guess SKORT, 100 point for you!

Necessity or not, the Skort of 2013 is super posh, reinvented fashion hit trend. And still It will be in 2014. Why are most people obsessed with skort, is because we can simply have the best feminine look of a skirt plus the comfort of shorts itself. 

 If we have to blame one specific brand for this fashion craze, of course it would be The ZARA Skort. The look is very sophisticated and polished but in an glam edgy sort of way, and there’s nothing not love about this style invention.

So, how to wear it? Mini skort is a sporty chic or sporty glam item and could perfectly be matched with T-shirts, crispy shirts or slouchy tops. For an extra chicness or sophistication wear some posh bracelets or pile on necklaces. Shoes wise  - heels make this skort, look its best. For me, I always completely madly in love with white shirt. Something about the plain shape and color makes it look so effortlessly elegant together with the skort.

I wore this look recently to a business meeting with dad's relatives and it was so comfortable. Oh, and can we talk about this bag  I was hesitant about getting it because I have black bags.. but I just couldn't resist.  And I'm glad I didn't!  This has turned out to be one of my favorite bags.  It's smoothly black, quite big, light and a very good companion for any different occasions.

I still have another exact skort in the closet only in different color which is electric blue. I can't wait to try it on another style. Just wait for the upcoming post. Thanks for reading and Happy Friday for tomorrow :D. 

Fierce and Love,
♥ Natya ♥ 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Taking It Playfully

When you’re a teenager, acting older can seem like the best thing in the world. Doesn’t hanging out with more mature people and dressing as if you’re older make you feel that much cooler? While there are many positive and negative sides of “growing up too quickly,” being young is an advantage to hold on to while you can, one best way is by dressing up cheerfully and playfully.
Sundays are always the best days for easy and casual dressing like this. And when it comes to a cheerful look, pastel colors will always be a good flavor. But watch out, your cuteness might be overloaded. haha. :p. This style-nanda boots have their own charm too. Fore me, they are such a perfect booster which could boost your look and your day up perfectly.
 So, Stay Happy and Young as long as we can. Cheers :D

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Purple Kebaya

Hellooo. .this is my first post and my first time seeing you in 2014. I am very excited to start my outfit this year with Balinese Kebaya, which is designed (again) by my mom. This one is specially made by request from me. I was the one who chose it to be purple and thank God this time mom didn't not reject my idea as she usually did. So here it is, my new purple kebaya. Another piece of magic and art, made wholeheartedly by my mom.

do you like my mom's design? if you are interested to have a beautiful piece of Balinese kebaya like this, or like those in my previous post, don't hesitate to contact me or my mom :). See you soon on my next post, fellas :D.