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Saturday, December 13, 2014


A couple days ago, I wanted to eat Indonesian food very badly after a long absence of eating it, due to the limitation of my cooking skill. I was craving for something really spicy and tasty, the kind of taste that makes your mouth water just by imagining it. So, I asked Tamara (my first Indonesian friend in Sydney who's now already like a sister to me) to take me to Ayam Goreng 99, a famous Indonesian restaurant in Kingsford-Sydney. As Tamara lives at Maroubra (very close to Kingsford), she has been there plenty of times. While for me, even though I've heard about it a lot from my Indonesian friends, and even recommended this restaurant to some of my Asian friends, it was my first time since it was quite far from Macquarie Park, the suburb where I stay. 

Welcome to Ayam Goreng 99. If you feel like trying out the authentic grilled (Bakar)/fried (Goreng) chicken from Indonesia, this is the place to go. Original, spicy homemade Terasi (chilli sauce) and having them with the coconut rice is very recommended. Surprisingly, their prices are very reasonable. It cost me only $6.30 for that huge portion of rice and fried kalasan chicken breast
Place isn’t fancy at all - small and always packed. People do queue for long because it’s worth it. So if you want to avoid the crowd, come early! 

Go try and enjoy :),

Adress: 464 Anzac Pde
Kingsford 2032
Phone: (02) 9697 0030

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I’m a big fan of a boyfriend jean, one that’s a little relaxed, but still fitted and like you’ve borrowed a look from the guys, without actually looking like one. I love rocking it with tee, plaid shirt or even a dainty tank for a night out. No matter what you pair it with, your look will be a bit masculine, a bit undone, but very stylish. It is also really easy to style and can be dressed up with a statement jacket, heels or wedges or worn more casually with sandals and flats or sneakers like the one I am wearing now.

A crop top & ripped boyfie jeans turned out to be one my favorite summer looks in 2014. And what's your favorite, Peeps?


Thursday, November 20, 2014


YEAAAAYYYY!!! Done! I just want to express how happy I am now because I am done with everything in my master study. No more essays, group projects, presentations and of course classes. I am so glad that I managed to finish it in a year with good results (hopefully). Yeah baby... I am a Master now. Natya Shina Nandana MA (Master of Arts). However, no matter how happy I am now, I'll definitely miss all of those moments I had as a master student in Macquarie University. The more I remember about all difficulties and hardships I've been through this year, the more I become passionate to be a more successful person in my future life. I hope all the lessons and knowledge I got will lead me to the right and better path.

Anyway, to celebrate it, me and some classmates went to the beach. We chose to go to Manly because it's the closest beach from where we live. Also, I've never been to any beach other than Bondi before, and I was curious cause people said Manly is amazing. So, here it is, the famous Manly beach in Sydney.

Full team member! We asked an Australian guy to take a picture of us. He thought that we are tourists. LOL.
from left to right: Haruna (Japanese), Allen (Chinese), me (Indonesian), Daisuke (Japanese)  
After spending around two hours on the beach, we decided to move to another spot, which is the main area of manly street. We can find a lot of bars, cafes, shopping stalls, and so on. As it was really hot on that day, we were craving for something really cold and fresh and Ice cream might be the perfect choice.
Here it is. The popular Movenpick Ice Cream. You can find Movenpick booths alongside the beach as well.
 For only $5, you can taste a single scoop of heaven. *shooophh
It's mine, the Panna-Cotta flavor. Tastes like cheese cake but not too sweet. It was perfect! 
Found a beautiful church on the left side of the street. 
look how contrast those white seagulfs on the blue sky as the background
Never forgot to take a selfie :D
It's picnic time. We brought lot of foods and drinks. One of our friends, Daisy is having her birthday. Her boyfriend surrprised her with a very cute Hello Kitty cake.
Very cute isn't it?!?! it's a cheese cake btw and tastes super yumm
Happy Birthday Daisy Xu! Thanks for being such a cute and good friend :)
It was wonderful! nice place, good weather, great friends. What could I get more? 
Bye, Manly... Thanks for being memorable!
See you with my another interesting experience here in Australia! Have a nice day :D

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Going Casual with Tartan!

"Tartan is a versatile pattern that will work with any style. Whether you're teaming a leather,  jeans, or a plain cotton pants like what I am wearing?"
tartan shirt: @rillyfashionshop | shoes @alivelovearts

Btw, Hello guys! I am back in the fourth week of my final semester as a student at Macquarie university (wohooooo). Can't wait till November where finally I'll be honoured a new title as a "MA" Master of Arts" after graduating from my undergrad study as a "BsC" Bachelor of Political Sciences in 2011. I really hope that I can graduate with good results so that I can get scholarship for my further studies (phD) and be a lecturer here in Australia and in few years later I can be a Professor. Yeah! a very cool Professor who has a fashion blog, youtube channel and someday her own coffee shop and clothing line!  A for AMIN! 

I would like to apologise to girls who like to read my blog for not being able to post regularly like what I used to do. Not even once in two weeks I guess. Those assignments are keep coming to my life. They're not only threatening my hobbies, but also my sleep. At a moment like this, I do feel like a day should be 48 hours, instead of 24. 

Now let's talk about the outfit. This is one of my stylish casual looks. I would wear an outfit like this to meet up with friends or going to the mall or dating? I guess anything will do with Tartan. Btw, do you know what tartan is? why is it so popular recently?

Although tartan never really goes out of style, it has increasingly been popular these past couple of years with females and males spotted wearing them in various colours and ways. Now that winter has arrived, tartan is definitely back as it is one of the season’s definitive prints. Wait? winter? yes! if some of you might have not known that the definition of the term 'tartan' itself means "A fabric  normally woven of wool that consists of stripes of varying width and color. So, basically, tartan is made from wool and it's thick. That's why people like to wear them in winter. But don't worry, now they are made in many other materials. So for those who live in topical weather, you can find the one that is made from cotton, just like mine. 

Previously, the unique pattern of tartan that appears to be squares crossed was very popular in Scottish Highland culture. Not only the Scottish government, but also schools and organisations wear such design and manufacture. But today it belongs to everyone and it's available worldwide and becoming one of 'must have' items in your closet. The reason why it is so popular because it is so versatile. It can be dressed up for casual or more sophisticated purpose. not only shirt, tartan skirt, dress, blazer or pants would be interesting as well. 

Among many pretty colours available for tartan shirt, I was torn between read and green. But in the end I chose the green one as red is too mainstream.haha. 

Well, honestly I have so many things i would love to share, but I'm running out time as I need to read few book chapters for Monday's lectures. I will see you in another exciting post soon (I wish), and for those who haven't watch my latest cover on youtube, here is my Sistar- Touch my body cover. I hope you like it. Have a nice weekend peeps. :D

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More than just bright colours!

In the previous posts, I often brought up informal, playful and swag style as my OOTD concept, but today let's go a little bit more formal. Have you seen me wearing a blazer before? No? well, let's try it on then.

 As some of you might already knew that I love bright colours. No matter what the occasion is, I always prefer bright colours than dark colours, especially turquoise, yellow, white, pink. Some of my friends said that those who like bright colours are attention seeker. They like to gain people's attention by wearing eye catchy colors. Well, that might be true. But not for me. I don't really know, why, perhaps it's just my superstitious believe that bright colours will brighten up my mood and my days ridiculous isn't it? well, that's why it is called superstition. If you believe something that is already proved scientifically, that would be 'science' then. 

When I saw photos above, I think the color my blazer is more than just bright. It could be categorised as neon, as the color really strikes your eyes. haha. I know the 'neon era' is almost over, but I don't think I can stop liking it. Btw, Happy fasting people :). See you in the next post!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Stripy Life!

Haaiiiiii everyone!!!!!! *Shouting from distance! How long has it been since my latest post? months, right? I've never imagined my master life in Sydney could be this exhausting! Especially in the last 2 months. I barely had space to do anything, except studying and making essays and presentations and studying again, and reading journals, and making report! EVERYTHING related to my courses. If you ask me, how do you feel after all? "tired, exhausted, and sometimes bored". is it though? "absolutely!" Do you wanna quit? "Are you crazy??!" then you have to enjoy it then! "yes, I'm trying to.

Having a master degree is something  I really wanted to do ever since I graduated and got my bachelor degree. Being best student is my goal. Continuing Phd and being a lecturer in one of universities in Australia is my vision. So, no matter how hard it takes, I don't wanna quit, I'll keep trying to give my best, even though it means that I necessesarily have to put aside things I love for a while, like blogging, dancing, and so on. But well, since those are things I really love, I couldn't separate them from myself. Whenever I have time, I promise myself to keep entertaining the other half of me, unless it will be dying! So here I am now, in the middle of my semester break, writing on my blog again, and saying hello to everyone who've even waiting for a new post. *I'm sure you can imagine how happy i am now. haha.

So.. Here is my new outfit post

 I am not sure what to call it, but the stripe pants is really depicting the story of my life. The white stripes reflects the happiness in my life, when I can do things that make me happy like spending time with my family, hanging out with best friends, dancing, blogging, shopping, and the black stripes reflects the sorrow, pain and difficulties that I have to get through in this life. But you know.. the 'black' doesn't always mean bad. It is there to compliment the "white". Because without it, you can really know what happiness really means. And see, together, they make a good combination. for me, this stripy pants has more interesting look if it's compared to other one coloured pants. 

See you in another post peeps. Enjoy your stripy life, people :D