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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wolf Girl! Auuuu..

Wolf88 Crop Top -  Bugis Street, SG
Ripped shorts - Rip Curl
Lola boots - Juneandjulia, instagram @juneandjulia
Round black glasses @proughproofshop (IG account)
Bracelets - @pastelsdaily (IG account)

Geurae wolf naega wolf auuuuu- saranghaeyo...!
 I'm sure that many of you are familiar with these words, especially if you are big fan of K-Pop. Those are lyrics from WOLF,  a very popular song from EXO (korean boy band with 12 handsome and talented members) in 2013 and I started noticing them because of this song. 

Out of expectation, cute stuffs always pop up whenever you go shopping. Things that you imagined never exist before, were somehow there in front of you.  So, I was shopping at Bugis street Singapore, last month I unintentionally found the last piece of this 'WOLF 88' crop top. Without event thinking, I just grabbed it quickly and made a purchase. I did look for a crop top on that time, but never imagined that I would get this one. When I showed it to my sister, she was so freakin' happy, because she's an Exo fan-girl (she even can dance GROWL very well).

For now, the style theme is about me being a sexy-swaggy wolf girl. A simple black crop that shows your belly paired with ripped shorts and black stocking would definitely make A sexy swag look. a black beanie and a piece tied tartan shirt are very good ornaments to make it look swagger! 

I really love this look! The style, the combination of colors and stuffs were perfectly rocking! I kinda enjoyed my self being a bad girl for a while haha.
not bad meaning bad but bad Meaning good you know, said +2NE1 CL hahaha.

Anyway, when I posted my teaser photo of this post, some of my girl friends asked questions about my body and belly (specifically). They wondered how I could get skinny and skinnier over time and how to have such flat belly.  Well, I do workouts almost everyday, dance 3 times a week, and 100x sits up at night before hitting the bed. I consume no drugs or medicine for weigh-lost, just fruits and vegetables. Lots of them. If many of you interested in this topic, perhaps later, I will write more details about it. Just wait ;).

See you on next post ♥
"Merry Christmast and Happy Holiday!"

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