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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two is better than one ♥

Happy December, Friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful days with your family and your friends. As you could see from how quiet the blog was the last couple days, I was quite busy and almost had no time to make some reviews. But now I am back with December spirit. Anyway, Have you made your new year resolution? that's must be exciting! but errrr... isn't it to early to talk about new year now? how about come back more to that later? hahahaha.

Today's interesting post will be 'two is better than one' I'm sure most of you know that song from boys like girls feat. Taylor swift. I really like that song, but that's not the 'two better than one' I am talking about now. It's about a dress. A Two tone dress.


Do you wanna go to party? friend's or relative's wedding party? but you don't wanna look too drama with a long tight dress? or perhaps it's kinda a little bit boring because what you used to wear is always that mini black cocktail dress? If you think you might need a chilled out outfit that doesn't  have a lot going on, but still amazing, I would suggest you to try on this two tone dress. Somehow, two combination of colors would make a dress much more prettier than if it just only has one color (one tone dresses). I settled on this two tone dress that has aquamarine and electric blue colours. I was amazed how the silver accessories and stuffs blended well with the outfit . I picked up my silver heels and complimented the outfit with an silver with gold studded envelope clutch. usually, I just carry my phones,lipstick and gloss,wipes and a notebook so a clutch serves me right. Usually, I just carry my iphone, lipstick and a notebook,  so a clutch serves me right?.

If you wear it as an evening gown, you might need to add more bling-bling accessories to make it look festive. But, on the contrary, if you want to wear it as daily wear dresses for hanging out or going to mall for example, all you have to do is just putting on simple necklace or bracelet in other bright colors (not silver nor gold), then it would make a pretty-classy summer dress. This dress is so versatile depending on how you style it. For an edgy look, I would probably wear a cardigan or a blazer, sunglasses, and ankle boots. why don't you try it, girls? • ˆ⌣ˆ •

Thanks for reading and see you soon in December spirit

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