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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Touch Down 2014: Time for some Resolutions! ❤

Have You made Your Resolution Yet?  
Do You even believe in New Year's Resolution? 
 Whether it's losing that extra kilos, dropping that pack of cigarettes for the last time, moving on from your ex? getting new love or even get married? or generally just trying to be a more positive person? Well. whatever it is, new year's resolutions are there to motivate you to be more eager and positive to achieve  something we want to accomplish in the coming year and deliver. Also, it could alarm you to work harder on things
 you haven't successfully accomplished in the previous years. So, Have You Made ONE?

Before declaring my resolutions for 2014, I would like to come back to the past for a while to memorize what I have earned and learned along this year. For me, 2013 indeed a blissful year.

I still remember what my dad said to us (his only son and 2 daughters) on the first day of January 2013. "This year is a water snake year. The fortune will be overflowing for those who are smart enough to catch it. And for those who were born in Snake year, this year is miraculously good for you." Hearing all those words, I could not stop wondering what would I get and how far I could step my game up! Those wondering would not be happening unless you start acting on it,right? acting and believing. As naive lucky person who was born in snake year, here are some lucks, fortunes and best things I have got throughout the year. 

As a cover dancer, having a group with good skills and similar vision is almost everyone's favor and proudly I am not the exception. After having so many difficulties in finding qualified dance group members, in January 2013 I met these talented girls and we decided to form a new independent dance cover group , named Star De Luna. We would like to dance as energetic, as powerful but still as beautiful as women can be. That's why we chose to cover Fiestar, a rookie girl-band from Korea who has the best charms out of the other K-Pop girl-bands. They got the face, the voice, with amazing concept and songs as well as challenging dance choreography. Have you seen them? if you haven't, go find them on youtube now.

Star De Luna consist of 6 girls (Me, Ranchu, Mega, Osy, Dina, Thesa) who are unique with our own style and personalities that completed each other. Whenever I am on the stage with them, I have never felt afraid or ashamed, even though what we did on the stage was the stupidest thing ever! (many people think we are comedians, not girl group). I have learned a lot from them. I've learned to be more discipline, more confidence, more professional and more optimistic person.

What I like the most about Star De Luna is that whenever we were on a dance competition, or performance, we always tried to perform our very best. We prepared for everything: the best and of course the worst. No matter how good our competitions were, we never thought about them. We always think about US, what should we improve, how can we deliver the best of us in front of the judges and audiences. And it always works. At the end, we could feel the excitement and applause of the audiences after watching our performance, even when the song's has not finished yet. That was just great. 

Many people in cover dance chose to cover a K-Pop group based on their popularity. But not us. Not many people know who Fiestar is. and that's what we like about it. Because whenever the audience gave us good response, we knew that it was truly for us. To be able to stand out with our own characteristic was the best feeling. We are so happy to know that many people now like and start noticing Fiestar because of us, and even there is this one dance cover group who also became fiestar cover without knowing the name of Fiestar member they are covering each person. So, Is it just because of us? funny. LOL. 

These videos below marks our journey, from our debut to our last performance at KCDC cover dance concert a week ago. 

Star De Luna Debut at Music Bank showcase in Bandung, at MIM, 19 january 2013

Star De Luna on Top K-Pop dance cover competition. We came 2nd on the competition. YEAY!!

Star De Luna on Idol Bandung Dance Competition, Preliminary round.

Star De Luna on Idol Bandung Dance Cover Competition Final Round. This time we we were the champion!! uh yeah 1st Place :D. The judges even gave their standing applause for us. Felt so honored.

Star De Luna on Gangwon Kpop Festival Final Round Audition at Lotte Avenue, Jakarta. Sadly, We didn't make it and unable to represent Indonesia to Korea :(. 

After taking quite a long break, finally the six of us came back on stage with Fiestar's latest song "I don't Know" on Cover Dance Concert (KCDC) Bandung. We received so many good feedbacks and compliments as you can hear the how noisy the crowd cheered and clapping their hands at the end of our performance. 

We couldn't be happier to make this comeback stage, even though we realized that it was probably our last performance. Now, it's time for us to go our separate ways, to reach our goals in life. For me, dancing and performing has been the the greatest joy in life, but life is not about doing things you enjoy the most, it's about taking responsibility for what you aspire to be and to do in the future. So, I think it's time for me to quit my comfort zone as a dancer or as a performer to be able to step up to another zone. It might be not as comfortable, or as joyful as exciting as my life before, but I believe it's going to be worth it.  And I am so grateful that Star De Luna was part of those beautiful memories. Thanks God for giving me the chance to be in the same group with these lovely talented girls. They're not just great dancers, they are also good friends with big hearts and good personalities which make me love them so much. I'm gonna miss you all, girls. Love you to the star and back. STAR DE LUNAAAAA, WE DON'T STOP NOW! *haha


I had been single for almost 3 years before until I found this little thing called 'love' in him. Haha. sounds sooooo cheesy huh? but that's the truth. Sadly, this year, we could not spend the new year's eve together like we did last year. 
 One year ago, on the exact same day, we were just friends, good friends who shared stuffs, like job, experience, good books, good movies and motivated each other just like what a normal friends do. He was kinda weird guy, very cold one as he did not talk much. They way he talked to me unlike the way other guys talked to me. it seemed like he had his own world that slowly but sure attracted me in. As time went by, we became close and closer, until I felt like I knew quite sure what kind of guy he was. He was not romantic (at all), he was not kinda guy who bring you flowers everyday, taking you to beautiful places every weekend, or sending you beautiful words before you sleep. He was just the way he is. honest, kind without trying to impress anyone. I have never expected that I would have fallen for this type of guy, even though I knew that he is an ideal type of guy and whoever his girlfriend later, she was going to the happiest girl in the world by just having him by her side. Well, I did not wrong. I think I'm the happiest girl in the world now :). Thanks for giving me him, God :). 


Because of the K-Pop virus, everyone is obsessed to go to Korea. Not only because of the artist, but also the food, the tourism places, friendly people have become pulling factors for many people, including me. But going there as a tourist is not something that could make my self proud because everyone who has money can do that. And this year, an opportunity had finally come. I was looking for informations trough KCC's page on Facebook about the Gangwon K-Pop Festival competition and unintentionally, I saw Youth Camp's advertisement that was going to be held in Seoul, South Korea. Transportations, accommodations, meals during our stay will be paid by The Government of Korea. And the most important thing was that, we're going to be Indonesia's ambassador for this event and we're going to meet another delegates from 22 Asian countries. From thousands of applicants, only 7 people would be selected trough 3 steps of selections process; CV, essay contest and interview by Korean Youth Organization. 

The whole process took almost a month. On early august, I got a call from ms. Agnes (Korean embassy staff in Jakarta) "Hi Natya, I was wondering about your flight. Have you book your flight yet? have you contacted the other participants? I was like heh?? hoh? cause I had no idea what she was talking about. "wait ms. Agnes? the outcome of the selection has out already? am I selected? asking impatiently. "wait, you haven't got the email? yes! congratulations Natya, you are now of of the Indonesian delegates to youth camp for Asia's future and you are the delegate's leader because you got the highest score among all applicants.. and now you have to........... I couldn't hear her voice anymore because I was busy thinking 'is this real?' I am going to Korea for attending very prestigious event. Yes! Felt like a dream. I couldn't stop thanking God for this achievement. I promised my self to be a good delegate's leader and make Indonesia proud. Here are some photos of Youth Camp for Asia's Future 2013 and there are thousands more in my FB, if you are intersted :).

 youth camp opening ceremony. Indonesian Delegates wearing Batik as our traditional costumes..

 with my best 'kyungmin oppa'..

 with my best friend from Mongol.. Weik..

We are Asia, we are one! 

 National leaders on closing ceremony.. I am wearing Balinese Kebaya made by my mom.. 

 The International Dance Team.. meet Afieqah, Bas from Brunei, Bo mi from Korea and Minami from Japan :)

with the lovely staff :D..  felt so good to be loved. haha

I still remember clearly how sad we were on the last night of this event. We hugged each other so tightly and made promise that we would see each other soon and made a visit to each other's hometown. Those three weeks are one of the best moments I've had in my life. I met so many good and funny friends. The greatest thing of it is that the beautiful friendship we had shared  that we would not forget for the rest of our life. 

Wanna see the International dance team: Indonesian, Japanese, Brunaians, Thai, Malaysia dancing together in a group.. See my video here, here and here. :D 

Dear friends, no matter where you are, I hope all the best for you now and always. Thanks for the kindness and love you gave to me. One day, I will become a successful person with tons of money, so that I can come to your country and there we'll finally meet again.


This was the last but not least surprise given by the universe to me in 2013. I was terrifically in a big shock knowing that my scholarship application for my master study at Macquire University- Sydney Australia was successful. Thanks to my parents and family who always pray for my success, My second dad, Mas Bob and other Unpar Lecturer for the recommendation letter, my best friends, Ajeng Saraswati Putri and Elisabeth Pauli who support me to death, my stupid hero, Rendy Pritananda who encourages to never give up, and also to those who love me, Thank You very much. Master of International Communication, Here I come! 

Well, Those are things I would never forget that happened along this year. and Now, time for my 2014's resolution.

in 2014, I want to:
❤ Finish my master study in a year with outstanding results
❤ Stay skinny and healthy
❤ more independent, focus and organized
❤ Survive the LDR: fight less and love more
❤ Keep on dancing
❤  Be a more professional fashion blogger
❤ Have more quality time with friends and family
I have made promise to my self and I really hope that I could keep these resolutions real! for sure! Thanks for being so nice to me 2013, now I am wrapping you up, saying goodbye and welcoming your sister "2014" to walk in to my life. 


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