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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

K-Pop Street Style!

It's in the middle of December now. 20 more days and we'll come to the edge of 2013. For me, this season is the season of gratefulness, the season of giving. I'm thinking about Christmas gifts for some important people in my life. Finding the perfect gift for everyone really is the most satisfying things ever. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy welcoming Christmas, even though somehow it's quite difficult to choose the best one for each person. Sooo, have you got the perfect gift for your loved ones?

Talking about gratefulness, I could not have been more grateful than now. Yesterday I got an email from Macquire University, saying that my scholarship application was successful, which means I'm gonna be able to study at one of the best universities in Australia with no obligation to pay the whole tuition fee.Thank God!! Continuing my master study abroad is one of my biggest dream. I still wanna learn and study as much as I could, as long as I am young in order to have a better and successful future ahead. I know it might not be easy, it needs responsibility, hard works and commitment to finish what you've started, but I believe that at the end it's gonna be worth it. So, I think I am ready :D

Anyway, Here is some of my outfit looks ;)

I was quite confused with this style at first cause I almost have no idea what to title it. But after keep scrolling down and scrolling up this page, down again, up again, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, I fould a little enlightenment. haha. I think I look like 2ne1 members with this outfit, don't you think so?  haha. kidding. The colorful printed outfit, leather black boots, leather black jacket and silver chain, with that stripped eccentric sun glasses making it some kind of Kpop Street Style. I feel like one of those urban K-Popers who's gonna pop up in a K-Pop MV. hahaha. I wish. Well, I definitely will pull out this kind of style to see Big Bang's or 2ne1 concert.

See you in next post, girls! Let's get swag!  

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  1. Hello there Kak Natya, I really enjoy reading your blog :) you look really cheerful and this style is so adorable
    I'm not really into K-pop but it suits you a lot. Anyway, congratulation for your education! studying abroad is one of my dream too, and glad you got that scholarship <3

    anyway, following you now on blog. Hope we keep in touch

    sweet and sugars,