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Friday, November 1, 2013

Trip to Malacca, Malaysia

 Hello again!!! It's so good to be back again after a short family holiday spent in Mallaca and Singapore. It was a fun trip overall. Especially Malacca. Surprisingly, It's a great city with interesting vintage looks and strong historical Melayu aspects which you can find in almost all of its tourist attractions. During the exiting city tour, I was able to do a quick OOTD photoshoots. Thanks to the bright sunny day, warm weather and beautiful places for making it work! ;)

Since it's a traveling day, I chose the "playful street style" theme.

I normally always go for a crop top whenever I need something simple and stylish at the same time. This is one of my favorite tops. I’ve worn it to DEATH. It has unique pattern and interesting strong colors. The N&N high waist shorts is my new favorite item now. I bought it at Hatten Square, right next to Hatten Hotel, Malacca. To keep the feminin and sexy look,  you can wear shoes very slight heels. Just like this white shoes I am wearing. It's really soft and puffy. I was walking and running throughout the days without any complaints from my feet. 

Beanie is one of magic fashion items and a must-have one. If you want to create a simple and better street, messy or playful look, just put your beanie on! 

Not to forget.. stacking some accessories...

Few studded bracelets and a leopard cat eye sunglasses are chosen. Also the one that I always wear around my wrist, my ice baby watch.

 What I love about this look is that the colors of my outfit coincidentally matched the Malaysian flag. Funny!

This series was shot by a really lovely and talented photographer, my own sister Nadia Naissa Deinara. Thanks for reading. See you again Malacca! And see you guys on my next post ♥♥♥

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