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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Polcadot Fever!

Retro prints are making a come back to the fashion scene. Prints such as polka dots and stripes definitely bring a POP of refreshing feel to our wardrobe and without any doubt they have been proven to be able to stand the test of time.  Well, who doesn't love polkadot? I love Polkadot and I think most of people do, because Its cuteness drives us (girls) crazy.

For those of you who want to rock polka dots patterns, dresses are the best way to go. Polka dot patterns have a sort of feminine feel to it so might as well flaunt it all. 

Not really a fan of dresses or skirts? You may opt for a over-all instead. Overall can be a very good match with this pattern. It might decrease the "too girly look" on you while adding more the image of "cutie classy girl". Let's see! ;)

What I am wearing: sleeveless black ruffle top 
polkadot pattern over-all
black bowler hat from Coton On
black suede ankle boots, and
lovy pinky leather black bag from Singapore

I choose not to wear many accessories, just one white pearl bracelet for a classy touch. Golds, silvers and other blings might not work well with the simple and vintage look that I tried to manage here.

The simple black hat gives out that retro feel and sweetness to the over all look. You can check out more cotton on collections here

So, what do you think? Cute enough? retro enough?  those little spots are always gonna catch your eye untill you are hooked! Next thing you know you’ve caught Polka Dot fever. haha. See ya on another Polkalicious page, Polkagals

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