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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Geek in A Pink!

Happy Sunday Everyone! How's your day? mine is so so.. as I got no where to go. I was 

just rollin on my bed, browsing through my laptop and reading couple of books and 

magazines. I feel like a total geek in this circumstance. The only thing that could stop me 

from reading all day long is the dizziness that strikes right to the head. Having a part of my

 self like as a nerd has inspired me to dress up little bit different like what I used to on my 

daily days.

Here I am.. A geek in a pink!

 What is the most important item to make the geekable look? none other than a black round transparent glasses.

For the top, I chose bright color sweater. It's a mix of bright turqoise and yellow, combined with polkadot motif shirt to get the polka collar. 

Instead of purse, clutchs or studded bags (cause they might ruin the image) I pick the simplest one I have in my closet, a brown leather college bag.

 Type of shoes that might work the best with this look is close shoes. So,  I pick out my favorite brown anckle boots I bought in PayLess couple months ago.

So, What do you think? Geek enough?  I always think that being a nerd or a geek is 

mysteriously cool. It's like they have their own world and it's kinda hard to see them trough 

their glasses. That is how I was during my fellowship time in Germany. My best friend was

 my academic books, my best place to hang out was the university library and my best 

enlightenment was a cup of hot cappuccino latte in every morning. And I think I would love 

to go back :). 

This series of shots was taken my my best friend, Ranti Dwi Lestari who's also my best dance mate. Miss you girl. Schones Wochenende Alle ♥♥♥

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