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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Balinese Wedding Ceremony

I'm going to open this post with question "have you married" if you are married then congratulations and I wish you have a long last relationship with your husband. If you haven't, just like me, just be patient, because sooner or later we will have that bride moment in our life :). And the next question is that 'are you always excited to go to a wedding party?' no? yes? for me it's a yes! I don't know why I always happy to go to wedding ceremony or wedding party, especially if it's a wedding of my close friend or my relatives. It feels good to be able to take part in it and share the moment of happiness together. What else is good? for me, to be able to dress up well.

Attending Balinese wedding ceremony is not as simple as attending modern wedding party. You have to wear your traditional outfit which is not as simple as wearing a party dress. But lucky I have super smart and creative Mom, who can create Magic. She can turn a piece of kebaya into something simpler, cuter and much more interesting than the ordinary ones. This is one of her creations which I wore at my cousin's wedding ceremony. 

This time I pair up my traditional outfit with an ethnic purse. The one I wore is from a local boutique located in Ubud, Bali. 

brown eyeshadows and nude colored lipstick are always my first choice. Wh say's you can't glow in natural make-up?

Sooo.. here is the bride and the groom! Happy wedding to Bli Gus and Mbok Gek Swary. Wishing you a happy and wonderful life filled with laughter, joy and love. They simply look amazing together, don't they? 

my pretty sisters 

I had simple task to do on the wedding, which was to welcoming all guests and hand out cakes and drinks to them. but..ssssttt.. I also ate those cakes secretly when no one was looking. hahahaha

See you on the next post!!
Lots of Love

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