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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Balinese Wedding Ceremony

I'm going to open this post with question "have you married" if you are married then congratulations and I wish you have a long last relationship with your husband. If you haven't, just like me, just be patient, because sooner or later we will have that bride moment in our life :). And the next question is that 'are you always excited to go to a wedding party?' no? yes? for me it's a yes! I don't know why I always happy to go to wedding ceremony or wedding party, especially if it's a wedding of my close friend or my relatives. It feels good to be able to take part in it and share the moment of happiness together. What else is good? for me, to be able to dress up well.

Attending Balinese wedding ceremony is not as simple as attending modern wedding party. You have to wear your traditional outfit which is not as simple as wearing a party dress. But lucky I have super smart and creative Mom, who can create Magic. She can turn a piece of kebaya into something simpler, cuter and much more interesting than the ordinary ones. This is one of her creations which I wore at my cousin's wedding ceremony. 

This time I pair up my traditional outfit with an ethnic purse. The one I wore is from a local boutique located in Ubud, Bali. 

brown eyeshadows and nude colored lipstick are always my first choice. Wh say's you can't glow in natural make-up?

Sooo.. here is the bride and the groom! Happy wedding to Bli Gus and Mbok Gek Swary. Wishing you a happy and wonderful life filled with laughter, joy and love. They simply look amazing together, don't they? 

my pretty sisters 

I had simple task to do on the wedding, which was to welcoming all guests and hand out cakes and drinks to them. but..ssssttt.. I also ate those cakes secretly when no one was looking. hahahaha

See you on the next post!!
Lots of Love

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Polcadot Fever!

Retro prints are making a come back to the fashion scene. Prints such as polka dots and stripes definitely bring a POP of refreshing feel to our wardrobe and without any doubt they have been proven to be able to stand the test of time.  Well, who doesn't love polkadot? I love Polkadot and I think most of people do, because Its cuteness drives us (girls) crazy.

For those of you who want to rock polka dots patterns, dresses are the best way to go. Polka dot patterns have a sort of feminine feel to it so might as well flaunt it all. 

Not really a fan of dresses or skirts? You may opt for a over-all instead. Overall can be a very good match with this pattern. It might decrease the "too girly look" on you while adding more the image of "cutie classy girl". Let's see! ;)

What I am wearing: sleeveless black ruffle top 
polkadot pattern over-all
black bowler hat from Coton On
black suede ankle boots, and
lovy pinky leather black bag from Singapore

I choose not to wear many accessories, just one white pearl bracelet for a classy touch. Golds, silvers and other blings might not work well with the simple and vintage look that I tried to manage here.

The simple black hat gives out that retro feel and sweetness to the over all look. You can check out more cotton on collections here

So, what do you think? Cute enough? retro enough?  those little spots are always gonna catch your eye untill you are hooked! Next thing you know you’ve caught Polka Dot fever. haha. See ya on another Polkalicious page, Polkagals

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My tee flavour: Sporty Chic

These days, I've been noticing a flood of baseball tee on various store shelves and I call this phenomenon as the 'Attack of the Tees'. For me, I love baseball tee. It always reminds me of those athletes on sport events. No wonder those who wear them would be look sporty and energetic. The bold design with big letters or numbers on it makes it unique and perhaps looks cooler than other type of t-shirts. 

So, It seems as if right when  I picked up this ‘NY' tee from one of import online stores and tried to show my own style to it.

I suppose my style here is not to boyish since I'm wearing a pencil skirt and black stocking. I bought this  green pencil skirt I bouth in Myeondong, Korea (can't remember the name of the store) and so did the shoes. It's a white sneaker wedges shoes that used to be wearing by Korean artists on the stage and in variety shows as well.
The black studded hat works well in this 'Sporty Chic' Theme.

Truthfully, sporty isn't really my style and personality, but now with this tee, I think I know what I would wear to concerts, or to watch sport games, or to a dance practice perhaps? 

Thanks for reading and stay tune for another sporty chic style from me 

♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ XOXO.LOVE.NATYA♥ ❤ ❥ ❣

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Simple Street Style! What's yours?

Although, there are literally hundreds of street styles currently in available in the fashion world, my favorites still goes the simple ones. Like what I am wearing here: 
*Don't crack under pressure crop top 
* lime high waist shorts 
* converse 
* beanie

So.. What's your favorite street style? Which clothes or outfits do you like the best in describing your street personality? well, just try any different types of clothes you have in your closet to find out. See ya on the street girls ♥

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Geek in A Pink!

Happy Sunday Everyone! How's your day? mine is so so.. as I got no where to go. I was 

just rollin on my bed, browsing through my laptop and reading couple of books and 

magazines. I feel like a total geek in this circumstance. The only thing that could stop me 

from reading all day long is the dizziness that strikes right to the head. Having a part of my

 self like as a nerd has inspired me to dress up little bit different like what I used to on my 

daily days.

Here I am.. A geek in a pink!

 What is the most important item to make the geekable look? none other than a black round transparent glasses.

For the top, I chose bright color sweater. It's a mix of bright turqoise and yellow, combined with polkadot motif shirt to get the polka collar. 

Instead of purse, clutchs or studded bags (cause they might ruin the image) I pick the simplest one I have in my closet, a brown leather college bag.

 Type of shoes that might work the best with this look is close shoes. So,  I pick out my favorite brown anckle boots I bought in PayLess couple months ago.

So, What do you think? Geek enough?  I always think that being a nerd or a geek is 

mysteriously cool. It's like they have their own world and it's kinda hard to see them trough 

their glasses. That is how I was during my fellowship time in Germany. My best friend was

 my academic books, my best place to hang out was the university library and my best 

enlightenment was a cup of hot cappuccino latte in every morning. And I think I would love 

to go back :). 

This series of shots was taken my my best friend, Ranti Dwi Lestari who's also my best dance mate. Miss you girl. Schones Wochenende Alle ♥♥♥

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trip to Malacca, Malaysia

 Hello again!!! It's so good to be back again after a short family holiday spent in Mallaca and Singapore. It was a fun trip overall. Especially Malacca. Surprisingly, It's a great city with interesting vintage looks and strong historical Melayu aspects which you can find in almost all of its tourist attractions. During the exiting city tour, I was able to do a quick OOTD photoshoots. Thanks to the bright sunny day, warm weather and beautiful places for making it work! ;)

Since it's a traveling day, I chose the "playful street style" theme.

I normally always go for a crop top whenever I need something simple and stylish at the same time. This is one of my favorite tops. I’ve worn it to DEATH. It has unique pattern and interesting strong colors. The N&N high waist shorts is my new favorite item now. I bought it at Hatten Square, right next to Hatten Hotel, Malacca. To keep the feminin and sexy look,  you can wear shoes very slight heels. Just like this white shoes I am wearing. It's really soft and puffy. I was walking and running throughout the days without any complaints from my feet. 

Beanie is one of magic fashion items and a must-have one. If you want to create a simple and better street, messy or playful look, just put your beanie on! 

Not to forget.. stacking some accessories...

Few studded bracelets and a leopard cat eye sunglasses are chosen. Also the one that I always wear around my wrist, my ice baby watch.

 What I love about this look is that the colors of my outfit coincidentally matched the Malaysian flag. Funny!

This series was shot by a really lovely and talented photographer, my own sister Nadia Naissa Deinara. Thanks for reading. See you again Malacca! And see you guys on my next post ♥♥♥