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Monday, October 7, 2013

Orange Splashes!

Hello October! Although summer is almost over or even it's already over already in some countries, I seriously don't have any idea whether it' still summer or not in Indonesia, since the climate change added a new season of uncertainty to the list. But as long as the sun still shines down the day, let's just consider it summer! What I love about summer is that I could wear bright colors outfit very beautifully. It's all because the sun helps me with it's lighting effect. Just like what I am wearing here, the bright colors match the bright light perfectly.
To be able to survive the heat, I chose to wear a simple and light material outfit. A yellow sleeveless blouse with small flower lace on the chest, paired with high-waisted skirt with flowery pattern. I added couple of orange accessories that looks almost similar in colors.

What I also like from this total look is that it looks like I bought them together at the same time to be combined, while in fact I bought them separately. I found the cute clutches at Strawberry shop (never expected they have such thing before) at a very cheap price. I got the shoes in BTC Bandung and the latest thing I bought is the skirt in Myeondong Seoul. Therefore, as soon as I realized that I've had these orange stuffs in my closet, I couldn't get more excited to piece them together.
I hope you guys enjoy this look as you enjoy your summer :)

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