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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Makin It (at) Work: Fresh and Stylish Dressing for the Office!

The work place is where you spend the vast majority of your time, where you are most likely to encounter people who you want to make an impression on; whether it be bosses or clients. 
And dressing up for work in a way defines your character and personality.

I personally agree that people take you more seriously if you are well turned out. But that is not to say that your corporate attire has to be boring. You can still show your personal sense of style without sacrificing your professional image by choosing your threads wisely.

So, here is mine. For today's corporate style I go with Denim shirt + Dark Color Jeans + A Burberry vest + close black pump shoes. Trying to manage my self to be as stylish, as sophisticated and as comfortable it should be in elegant way.

Energize your day and show a little of your youth spirit with bright denim shirt. You can look just as confident and mature as in other formal shirts.

Make your legs look longer and slimmer with dark red ZARA jeans.

Create more sophisticated look with H&M Burberry vest. I think it's the most important element for a more compelling and distinctive look!
Enhance the casual look with with budget-friendly accessories; little brown leather bracelet, black polo belt, woman's office bag and sun glasses. 

 No matter how busy and how hurry you are everyday in the morning, you can't excuse not to follow fashion or look stylish in your office attire. What you wear at work and your presentation is very important. So, how about smarten up your office wardrobe? and you’re bound to get noticed more quickly :).

notes: for better understanding of what works and how, there are categories of wardrobe you might need to know,
  • Formal/ business, includes suits- matching shirts, trousers and blazers with closed shoes. 
  •  Corporate Casual (the one I am wearing), where you could experiment with denim, jeans, trousers and blouses.
  • Friday Fun, includes casual jeans, skirt and a top of your choice. 
♥♡♥♡Happy trying and See ou on another office post!♥♡♥♡

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