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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I am a Pinky Traditionalist!

How to not look conservative in your traditional costume? That's what I always have in mind when I am about to attend Balinese occasions. Well, if you can't change they whole model of the outfit because you are afraid that it might look impolite? I got one better solution: play with patterns and colors. 

 Tadaaaa... I came out in a very shocking color: ELECTRIC PINK! what do you think I look like? a traditional barbie? haha. well.. I call my self in it 'A pinky traditionalist'.

Well.. the kebaya itself is made by mom and the design is also came originally from me and my mom. As a young spirited person, I don't want to look mature. Therefore, same strong electric color is chosen both for my bustier and fabric. In order to balance its high-level of contrast, to make it not to look 'dangdut' and also elegant at the same time, the kebaya must be in dope dark color. And talking about elegant, nothing will do better than BLACK.

Who said traditional costume is boring? well.. it is if you don't try to pull out something different. As you can see on the close-up part, there's little Harajuku style on my kebaya's lowest arm. It's using a rampeled black tile to make it look cuter than the ordinary ones.

It's always good when you can use your creative idea to create something different or to look a little bit different. For me, the key to be creative is to be brave. Just put anything you like and wear any colors you want, as long as it doesn't bring any harm to other people and violate the tradition, why not?

♡♡♥♡♥Have a nice a day, everyone!♡♥♡♥

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