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Friday, October 4, 2013

Balinese Bustier

I'm sure that girls are familiar with this one.. the sleeveless, strapless top, with boning to give shape to woman's body, worn by as a lingerie of evening gown is called BUSTIE of BUSTIER or more well-known as longtorso in Indonesia. In summer 2013 bustier tops has become one of the hottest trend in fashion world. And now.. the type i'm gonna talk about now is the unique and traditional one, the Balinese bustie called angkin. It is used as lingerie whenever we use our kebaya. As a balinese, I found it is really important to have this as we have to wear kebaya in many occasions such as: relative's and friends' wedding and religious ceremony. It would look so much lovely if the color of bustier matches the color of kebaya we are wearing. So if I use a pink kebaya, the color of bustie will be exactly the same pink as the kebaya, or it could be a softer pink or darker pink. Due too many occasions and religious ceremony in Bali I attend every year, now I have more than twenty kebayas. (it's all mine).. and that's all in different colors. So now can you imagine with how many Angkin or Balinese long torso should I have to match them? well.. I have around twenty of them as well. haha.. I could say that I am very lucky to be borned half-Balinese because I can see how beautiful and artistic it is to wear that kind of outfit. But before/ few years ago, I was not a big fan of kebaya because it was really hard to find bustier that could match our kebaya nicely. The bustier was only available in two or three basic colors: black, white and light brown. It didn't look pretty at all as the colors of the kebaya were look dead.And now.. Thank God the colorful ages has come and variety of color tones have touched our earth so that I could have these gorgeous bustiers in amazing colors.

Having my kebaya + bustier + balinese fabric macthed is one of my greatest pleasure. I love mixing and matching colors, especially light, pastel and a bit shocking colors. I have never had the idea before that a single piece of bustier could change my whole perception about kebaya that used to be not interesting and perhaps a little too conservative.

So girls, if you got bored with your kebaya, perhaps simple thing you need to do is just to spice it up with colorful bustier ;)

PS: you can grab the whole collection of bustier/ longtorso available in many colors, size and affordable price at Eksotis Shop - Jl. WR Supratman, dps-Bali.

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