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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tips: How to Choose Your Perfect Party Dress

"OMG! I have this relative's wedding party coming and I don't know what to wear!!!"

Yupp, that happens to us, GIRLS, and guess that's pretty normal. What about the girls who think they know what to wear, but end up picking the wrong dresses? Well, that is not normal and somehow intolerable

So, GIRLS, How to choose a perfect party dress? 
Wait, how you define a perfect one? Pretty? Expensive? Branded? Well not necesarily
It is indeed has to be pretty. But, more importantly, it has to make you look pretty on it. 
There a lot of pretty dresses out there, but you need to choose the one that makes you look pretty. And the one that makes you look and feel pretty, is the one that fits you well. In order to know which dress that fits you well, at the very basis, you need to understand your body type. Am I the curvy type? short-type? model-type with long skinny leg? or the opposite, a bit fat with short legs?

Last month, I had to attend my cousin's wedding. She asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. When someone asked me to be a bride's maid, I would be very happy, excited, but also anxious at the same time as I have to look amazing. In my thought, bride's maid is the centre of attention (after the bride of course). They always stand out among the crowd, because they stay near the bride wearing their shining beautiful dresses. With such thought in mind, I kinda felt the urge to find a beautiful dress.

I got the fabrics for the dress from my cousin. She found me the tailor as well. All I need to do was find the model. Going back to the 1st advice that I gave you above, when choosing the dress, I always imagine myself wearing it. I know my body very well: petite, a bit curvy, with just proportional length (no extra length) of legs, hands, and other parts. Since my legs are not long and lean like those K-Pop idols, I don't think a long gown is a good choice for me,  which is very frustrating, cause I've always been wanting to wear it since ages go. Reason? I just simply love the glamorous and dramatic effect it creates. But again, I realize that they might be pretty, but not on me. And after thinking foquite a while, I decided to choose a model which I think suits me and my body best.

Yes, it's a mini dress at the end, but actually not really, since I added an extra layer outside to maximize the glamorous sense. I imagine that if I were a fairy, they were definitely the wings (I wish). 
Don't you think with this dress on, I look like Tinkerbel's sister? LOL
 Look at those details! Very pretty isn't it?! Thanks to the amazing tailor.

what do you think about the dress? Does it suit my tiny body perfectly? :)

Unlike me, a tiny girl, my sister is a giant. hahaha (she'll be mad if she reads this). I call her giant because she's tall  (and a bit fat before, but now not anymore) and I envy her for being tall, cause she looks so damn good in a long dress. 
Gorgeous, isn't she? The dress looks amazing on her. I don't think I'll rock that long dress as much as she does, nor I think she'll look that gorgoeus in my fairy mini dress. In conclusion, each body type has its own plus and minus point that can be very important factor in selecting a certain model of outfit.
One last thing that is also important in selecting your dress: choose the model that you like and you're confident with. Your self-confident is the key that will help you shine from the inside and will no doubt make you glow from the outside. 

Happy partying girls!! 
Feel free to share me any tips if you have one ;)  

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Muk Bang at Bo Shin Myeong Ga!

As you might have noticed or seen recently, a new entertaining phenomenon has taken ahold in Youtube which called Muk Bang. Muk Bang itself means "eating broadcast". It was first started in Korea when the locals there started paying attention to pretty ladies with pretty figures eating enormous portions of food. And now the sensation of Muk Bang trend has seen people everywhere turned to live streams of people eating outrageous and various amounts of food, all the while chatting with viewers. 

Well, finally we have a Muk Bang video, which is very interesting to make for me. But ot of all, the most fun and interesting story of our Muk Bang video lays on the unintentional part. Yes, we made it unintentionally. We didn't plan to make one when we decided to have our fast-breaking at Bo Shin Myeong Ga. We didn't even really understand what Muk Bang is all about that time. Thanks to the super delicious Kimchi Jeongol  (Kimchi Stew in bigger portion than Kimchi Jigae) and Honje-ori Ssambap, our excitement got boosted and without much realising it, we kept recording each other while enjoying the food. 

Thanks to the amazing owner of the restaurant, the pretty Omoni (the chef of the restaurant itself)  and the Aboji. for being so welcome and friendly to their costumers. And this Muk Bang video is dedicated to them as our gratitude and also to You, who are Mukbang and Korean food lovers. 

the whole feast

the super delicious Kimchi Jigae

the very tempting Honje-Ori Ssambap

the food lovers

the kind-hearted restaurant owners

Whole story about this culinary experience on

See you on the next Muk Bang Story, Food Lovers!

Bo Shin Myeong Ga Restaurant
Jalan Taman Margasatwa no.15, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, DKI jakarta
phone: +6221 7890220

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Flowery Summer!

Whaaat? it's June already? that means summer is just around the corner. Have you had your summer outfits ready, girls? Well for me, apart from shorts, I've always been a huge fan of dress. The short, light-collored, either plain or patterned, are always my preference. Just like this one I got from Sussan (women's fashion retailer in Australia). Well to be honest, Sussan is not my favourite store to shop, compared to other brands and retailers in Aussie. But sometimes, if i'm lucky, I could find quite good stuffs in relatively not so expensive prices, just like this dress i'm wearing. 

What I like about the dress, apart from the deep blue and the flowery pattern, is the low triangular cut on the chest. It makes me look like Sanghai girl. Ni hao ^.^
not forgetting the shoes and the bag. The white bag comes from Forever 21, while the gorgeus black heels I bought online in Indonesia from @benzproject. 

So. how is it ladies? are you ready for the summer? 
Well, let's make it even hotter.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm ripping it up!

Knee-ripped jeans: Forever 21 | tartan shirt: Stradivarius | white tank top: Supre 

I've always loved bad girl concept and one of the easiest ways to look like one is simply by putting your jeans on, and ripping it up! 

I'm a big fan of a boyfriend and ripped jean. If in the previous post, I've shown you how I style boyfriend ripped jeans in a very casual way with cropped top and sneakers (link), still not in much different concept, now I am showing you a more gentle look featuring  my skiny knee-ripped jean from forever 21

I don't know how to describe this look. Perhaps, one that is cool, a little relaxed , but still looking sexy and sharp. Well, you might say that it fits to the bad girl concept too cause it's like you've borrowed a look from the guys without actually looking like one.

One of the amusing things about this day's trend is that nearly every style of jean works. When I was in high school or younger, the idea of wearing anything not low waist and wide cut (that made us resemble a cowgirl) was an atrocity. But now it's completely different. Whether you want to wear something high-waisted with a wide leg or a skinny jean with a dark wash, shocking colors or whether it is plain or ripped, it's all up to personal preference. So, don't think too much, just express yourself by confidently wearing what you want to wear. 

'til next post guys!!! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Supré Girl on Valentine's Day

The longer I stay in Australia, the more familiar I get with its local brands. Now, I'll introduce you to one of my most favorite Aussie's fashion brands, Supré. As you can see in this blog post, the OOTD pieces I'm wearing, are their summer hot items.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about Supré, it is an urban fashion womenswear in Australia owned by the Cotton On Group. I’m sure that many of you are more familiar with Cotton On

Just like Cotton On, Supré is known for its basics and popular items for young people, offered at very affordable price point.  They also have a massive discount and sale quite frequently, usually between the changing seasons period (around January- February, and June-July) and Chrismas. And sometimes if you’re lucky, you can find nice clothes in just less than 10$ (just like me and my sister a week ago).

Anyway, I chose to post this sweet and feminine look because today is Valentine's Day. This Valentine feels a bit more special to me because I'm home and I could spend it with my family. So, I wish a happy Valentine's day for you guys! Hope you could spend it with your loved ones too. 

See ya in another post :)